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no i guess they hake to claim that they were ancient powers that zordon created that the rangers he mentored never knew because he wants it to be a secret

Possible, or they'll go the "Alien Rangers" route that they've done in previous seasons.

Or they may just not use that footage, And replace it with new ones.

Personall I think that two different storylines could work:

1. Have a mini season before the Gokaiger adaption with each episode or 2 parter based on each Sentai team that hasn't been adapted. Quick way to bring them in but makes them known.

2. Another way could be by using the R.P.M. and/or Alien Rangers route and say that the different ranger teams come from the far reaches of space and alternate universes with the evil Zangyack destroying their planets or universes leading them to Earth, losing their powers which are turned into keys.

Hope those two answers are helpful :) dwswh2

Did not see it yet on youtbe OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOR TV :) maki4life

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