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That...covers a lot of territory. There have been a lot of Red Rangers.

MMPR: Jason Lee Scott
MMPR 2-3: Rocky DeSantos
Alien Rangers: Aurico
Zeo: Tommy Oliver
Turbo: Tommy Oliver -> T.J. Johnson
In Space: Andros
Lost Galaxy: Leo Corbett
Lightspeed Rescue: Carter Grayson
Time Force: Wes Collins
Wild Force: Cole Evans
Ninja Storm: Shane Clarke
Dino Thunder: Conner McKnight
S.P.D.: Jack Landors -> Sky Tate -> Bridge Carson
Mystic Force: Nick Russell
Operation Overdrive: Mack Hartford
R.P.M.: Scott Truman

And that's not counting the Crimson and Quantum Rangers, which were pseudo-red.

Charlie the Leader of the SPD A-Squad was also the 1st ever Female Red Ranger

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