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Kamen Rider is a TV show starring Matt Mullins and Stephen Lunsford and aria AListar the plot is that there is a mirror twi nto earth called ventara. It is an exact image, the buildings, the people, everything. Xaviax is the evil in this plot to rid every person on ventara. There is one person left on ventara named Len ( Matt Mullins) he is out to destroy all Kamen Riders and to return all of the Advent decks back to their places. In order to do this he travels through a mirror or glassy surface to earth. Xaviax's Henchman is handing out advent decks to people from earth and tricking them into thinking that Len is the bad guy and that they have to "vent," or defeat him. One guy thinks that Len is an alian and that he is fighting for his country. Another thinks that this is a battle club to pass rounds to the finale. Another thinks that by defeating him he will earn 1 million dollars. There is a catch though. The advent riders on earth must be the exact replicas of the ones on ventara that held the same advent deck. Len ends up fighting many at a time. Soon he meets Kit, and Maya ( Stephan Lunsford, and Aria Allistar) and they work as a team to either vent Kamen riders or change them to fight for their side. Once vented one can never return to the huhman world again. They move to the Advent Void where they waste away. That is what happened to Kit's Father

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