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Samurai Zords are Zords that the Samurai Team can control.The Zords are here,(Lion,Turtle,Ape,Dragon,Bear,)[Swordfish*,Bettle*,Tiger Drill*],Octo*(Octopus or Squid),Crab*.They can make Samurai Megazord with the ones with ( ) around them.The ones that have [ ] around them can form Samurai Battlewing.Octozord and Crabzord(I think thats it!)can form Battlezord.

  • -Can be formed into a Samurai Artillery mode.The Samurai Zords are a series of living zord passed down through family lines since the original Nighlok attack in Japan, they consist of the five folding zords held by the samurai rangers which fold into a representation of that rangers power symbol when not in use, 4 artillery zords also exist being passed down through Jaden's family although 2 were lost be

fore Jaden was born and he gave the third away meaning that he only had the beetle artillery zord at the start of the series.

The Gold Ranger built the clawzord himself although he needed the other rangers to help charge it with enough symbol power to finish it.

Currently the zords are split as follows.

Red - Lion Folding Zord, Tiger Zord Blue - Dragon Folding Zord, Swordfish Zord Green - Bear Folding Zord, Beetle Zord Yellow - Ape Folding Zord Pink - Turtle Folding Zord Gold - Octozord, Clawzord

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