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YESIt's an interesting question. Admittedly, this season of Power Ranges version was set in a near-apocalyptic future. That in and of itself creates a very bleak feel to it. But the overall feeling of the season was more to the tune of hope in the darkness.

A lot of people asked the same question of Power Rangers: Time Force, because quite a bit of it's issues were much more 'adult' oriented than previous incarnations. Time Force dealt with Genetic Modification to newborns, racism, and other things such as that. In many ways, this served to help keep in the adult audience who had grown up with the original Power Rangers, and also allowed the new audiences to grow with it. Hope this helps.The show overall was great and quite funny at time but the shows had some complex idea that children probably didnt understand.SO um yesWell, the fact that it takes place after the apocalypse is pretty dark, but the many instances of poking fun at itself and the franchise as a whole (as well as Ziggy) kept it from being too dark. Though, for some reason, Saban seems to think it was lacking in humor.

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