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Number 10= Jarrod/Dai Shi- He was just handled poorly

Number 9= Scorch- why take such a major antagonist and make him a grunt?

Number 8= Rita Repulsa- so moronic it's kind of funny

Number 7= General Crunch and Shifter- who? EXACTLY!

Number 6= Divatox- she reminds me of my aunt for some reason.

Number 5= Miratrix and Kamdor- ooh, add a spooky trix at the end of mira and "poof" evil ninja bitch.

Number 4= Fear Cats- SHUT THE FUCK UP! GOD your voices are annoying.

Number 3= Marah and Kapri- People rag on Lothor, but I at least found him entertaining, unlike these two bimbos.

Number 2= Norg- fuck you, you polar bear's pubic hair, you ruined the scenes of the only cool character in operation overdrive, I hope a real yeti finds you and kicks your ass!

Number 1= ANY QUOTE ON QUOTE VILLAIN FROM SAMURAI- Do I need a fucking explain why these insults to the gedoushu suck? All of their schemes are pitiful watered down versions of the much better shinkenger schemes, they have stupid names, really gedoushu to nighlok and nananshi renshuu to FUCKING MOOGER!!! They are not intimidating in the slightest, spouting off stupid jokes and awful puns. There really is nothing good about samurai, is there?

thanks this is intresting list heres mine

10 divatox: shes annoying and not evil at all

9 shimazu: this villain right hear is a pussy and is vexacus's bitch and he was scared of marah and kapri

8 mandilok: stuipid villain with stuipid plans that involed eating and didnt bother to attack onikage when onikage refused to not give mandiloks weapon at him

7 retinex: short lived, and his temper was in master org instead of him

6: moltor: he was a annoying version ryuuyon from bounkenger

5: fearcats: when i hear their voices i kill my self

4: elgar: i hate him more than divatox because of his stuipity

3: jarrod , jarrod as what you said.

2: deker: whats this guys perpose for dueling jayden

1: lothor: by far the worst power rangers villain and was an idiot with retarded plans and made the villains comedy i mean i could write ah hole story why i hate him.

Wasn't Shimazu supposed to be some ancient evil entity with an army of wolf like demons, and he's afraid of a couple of bimbos (granted it's the episode where they say their dumb bimbo routine was just an act and, to be honest, in that episode, I gained some respect for the, then the next episode, they go back to stupid bimbo routine, I guess the badass evil genius' was the one that was the act.)

i still found shimazu pathetic when it came to his last episodes

i hate 5 more with i make my top 15 worst power rangers villains

15: kamdor: cheap version of his counterpart from bounkenger

14: the machine empire they were ugly and boring

13: motodrone he was only their providing comic relief also was their waiting for vexacus to kill him i mean his counterpart from hurricanger was more evil

12: marah and kapri i dont hate them but they could be annoying and be bratty teenagers but kapri is my favorite

11: crunch and shifter i found them boring and never really stand out while venjix tenaya 7 and kilobyte did.

i have 5 more

20: jinxer i found him annoying in lightspeed rescue with the voice and was my least favorite of the clan

19: furio this villain was totally moronic

18: master xandred: i still give this guy a chance to prove him a great villain but right now hes a drunk habbit

17: porto was meh and didnt care for him and he was better than divatox and elgar in my opnion

16: gluto this villain is a cheap don dinero and ruins ransiks moments

i have a top 19 worst power rangers villains, speaking of ninja storm motodrone and shimazu are some of the worst villains ever imo, they just stand providing little comic relief just to wait to get killed by vexacus, i liked zurgane and choobo i do like their desighns and abilities and they give the rangers a run for their money but motodrone and shimazu were pathetic, motodrone wasent evil compared to mamaruba and shimazu isnt that funny commpared to saturakura, i mean i rather seen shimazu be the laughing stock instead of lothors and the others.

10) emperor gruumm: this guy is boring

9) furio: stuipid

8) elgar: elgar is a pussy

7) divatox: shut the hell up bitch

6) marah and kapri: really loud and annoying

5) shimazu motodrone and choobo: all are damn pussys

4) lothor: guy is a cheap centipede

3) octoroo: ooh ah ooo

2) deker and dayu: annoying by fans


10) Lothor

9) Ransik

8) Lord Zedd

7) Deker

6) Dai Shi

5) Octaroo

4) Grizzaka

3) Mesagog

2) Octomus the Master - Power Rangers Mystic Force

1) Master Xandred

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