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It all depends on your idea of a megazord. According to me there are the following...

Megazord in Tank Mode Megazord Dragonzord in Fighting Mode Mega Dragonzord Ultrazord Thunderzord Assault Team Red Dragon Thunderzord Warrior Mode Thunder Megazord Dragonzord Riding Tigerzord Tigerzord Warrior Mode Mega Tigerzord Tor Warrior Mode Thunder Ultrazord Super Ninjor Ninja Megazord Ninja Mega Falconzord Ninja Ultrazord Shogun Megazord Shogun Mega Falconzord Shogun Ultrazord Zeo Megazord Zeo Mega Battlezord Super Zeo Megazord Warrior Wheel Auric the Conqueror Zeo Ultrazord Carrier Mode Zeo Ultrazord Warrior Mode Turbo Megazord Robo Racer Rescue Megazord Rescue Megazord Artillery Mode Artillatron Warrior Mode Rescue Turbo Megazord Astro Megazord Delta Megazord Astro Delta Megazord Mega Voyager Mega Winger Mega Winged Voyager

And that's the Zordon Era... To answer your question: ALOT!!!!

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