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they didn't have the creative and magic like saban i think

Because when Disney acquired Fox Family Worldwide Inc. to get an additional cable channel, Power Rangers was part of the package, however PR was too expensive for Disney to make for the returns that Disney expected in toy sales. also Super Sentai (the primary source of Power Ranger Footage when morphed and in zords) was not under Disney editorial control and was in parts not up to PTC Standards and so Disney did not particularly care because PR was still easy money.

You know, Disney gets way more grief than it deserves. Okay, Disney's run had it's flaws but Saban was far from perfect. Could Disney have maybe tried harder? Sure,but they still did okay. I would think that Disney's PR would be held in higher reguard now that Saban gave us that garbage called Samurai. Let's face it, Saban has lost it's touch and the age of Power Rangers is over. The glory days of Saban Era I and Disney are dead.

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