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The season finale of Power Rangers in Space and originally, the complete finale of Power Rangers altogether. In the episode, Astronema has teamed up with the original enemies of past Rangers. The Rangers arrive on Earth and Andros tells his teammates that they need to rescue his sister, Karone, who is actually Astronema. The Rangers are overpowered by their enemies, and so are the other Ranger allies , including Trey of Triforia and the Phantom Ranger. When Astronema, demands the Rangers come forward, the citizens of Angel Grove, who thought that the Rangers had abandoned them, stand up and claim to be Rangers, starting with Bulk and Skull. The Rangers, minus Andros, reveal themselves to the public and battle anlongside the citizens of Angel Grove. Meanwhile, Andros goes to revert his sister back to the good side. When he arrives, he finds the captured Zordon, who requests that Andros destroys his energy tube, which would kill Zordon. Andros refuses at first, but is forced to when he believes he has killed his sister by reflecting a blast from her weapon. Zordon dies (thus the reason for ending the franchise), but the bad guys of the universe are destroyed, excluding Rita, Zedd, and Divatox, who were purified instead. Astronema and Andros return to Earth, with Astronema appearing dead. Astronema turns out to be alive and was purified back to her original form, Karone. The Rangers return to Space and decide to return to Earth, minus Andros and Zane. However they decide to join the others on the journey home. Thus the end to the six-year story arc.the final battle between the Space Rangers and all the zordon era villains

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