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only if it in the same timeline

RPM was set in a different timeline than in the main stream MMPR time line, i think when the series moves to another timeline is when zordon is destroyed, i know its to era but still think zordon would of wiped those bastarrds out with his Z wave.

like the astro megaship was in lost galaxy? maybe, though were Titanus, Tor and the Dragonzord sentient, I mean, I never really watched mighty morphin, but, what I saw, they hinted at it, unless they were destroyed and they put the lifeless machine bodys on display, which is basically like their carcasses, though, it could be like the skeletons in prehistoric animals in museums.

In the Time Force year 3000 yes, RPM no. RPM is set in a different dimension all together. In the RPM Samurai crossover it is explained when Scott won't power down.

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